2008. augusztus 26., kedd

Prefab Church (Osiedle za zelazna brama)

pulling down the inside of a prefab house in Warsawa
- no storeys (maybe inner buttresses)
- each window is replaced with a rose window
- balcony remains
- everything remains unchanged from the outside

Golden Team Cemetry (Stadion X-Lecia)

11 graves of the members of The Golden Team are on the pitch
- as the kickoff team once used to look like

Periscope cross on the church tower

- it leads inside the church

- this one is cross-shaped

- it reflects inside the blue of the sky

POP EAST (Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki)

A TESCO supermarket moves into the Kunsthalle Zacheta.
-everything is available like in an ordinary Tesco
-articles might be considered as works of art since they are placed in a museum.
-the „works of art” cost just as much as in any Tesco

Marina Mokotów

Raze this ones to the ground,
and erect buildings like that ones.

One-step escalator (Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki)

One-step escalator


Roadside cross
it’s made of the same material

as the road signs indicating the side of the roads
- when the headlights light them up,

they dazzle you

2008. augusztus 24., vasárnap

2008. augusztus 2., szombat

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